Elodie Hocevar

Recruiting coordinator

For me, recruitment is mostly about personal contact. It is a real pleasure to meet new people every day, and the interview is, above all, a way that we can get to know each other. Once we have identified our mutual expectations, we can evaluate how to best work together. If our goals and ideas align, we commit ourselves to doing our best for the selected candidates and securing a long-term career for them.

  • Proximity
  • Expertise
  • Guidance
  • Challenge
  • Skills development
  • Listening


Being a consultant is a state of mind. It is about addressing technical challenges in various business sectors whose methods vary widely. This profession requires people who are open and flexible to adapt to each environment and add value to their projects.

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When it comes to describing the company and what it's like to work with us, the best people to ask are our employees. They come from diverse backgrounds with more or less experience and various interests, but they have one trait in common: their passion for the job.

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FRENDO Guillaume Guillaume Mechanical Expert

I started my career at the company thanks to a real stroke of luck ! In fact, to earn my engineering degree, I took an intensive English course to get my TOEIC certificate with a friend. I was with him when he received a phone call from the executive director of the company, who told him that he had been put on a permanent contract. He seized the opportunity to talk about me. A few hours later, I met with Olivier REMINI, the President of FORTIL, and the following Monday, my contract was signed !


I started as a mechanical Consultant. My first task was welding quality control and NDT. Later, I worked for a multitude of projects, both as a service provider and internally at the Design Office. These experiences helped me evolve and allowed me to become an Expert in mechanics.


From a technical perspective, I discovered rare manufacturing processes used around the world (giant forge / fluidisation / how a nuclear boiler works / image processing by camera), and currently, I work at the Charles de Gaulle site, where I am responsible for the compliance of the operations performed on the boiler rooms in the building. At the same time, I am also responsible for a small customer portfolio to bring business to the design office. In fact, I am about to become a Practice Manager.


Success in this business can be described in two words : "Adaptation" and "Communication". One day, my cell phone rang at 4:00 in the morning... Olivier REMINI, who was in China with the mould maker for the SL-ONE boat motor, asked me if I could continue the meeting and explain the difference between thermoforming and plastic injection... I can tell you that when you're half asleep and you have to have a conversation in English / Chinese at 4:00 in the morning, internet translators are a big help ! It's these kinds of anecdotes that make my experience at FORTIL an adventure like no other !

OULDTARKI Salim Salim Mechanical Consultant

Mechanics has been my passion since childhood ! As a kid, I was inspired by the MacGuyver series (To the other fans out there : I never missed an episode !). This interest has continued to grow steadily and has led me to a professional degree in Industrial Production Engineering at IUT in Aix-en-Provence. After 10 years of experience in mechanical design, I joined FORTIL in 2016. What attracted me most was the opportunity to broaden my experience and work with many different companies that all have their own ways of doing things.


The customer expects the consultant to be able to jump right in. For this reason, consultants have to be very responsive and autonomous. I have 3 completed missions to my credit. First, I worked in the defence sector designing subsea vehicles, then in the transport sector helping with a patented belt cutting system, and finally, I worked on tools in the nuclear sector.


What I love most about the job is the diversity of experiences. I also enjoy the staff parties, which are the best way to meet new people and meet the new arrivals. It's an opportunity to interact with the entire branch office team. You can talk about anything with anyone without feeling a hierarchical barrier. The best moments happened during meetings I had with other colleagues.

MARECHAL Damien Damien Automation Consultant

Originally from the city of Toulon, I pursued a Master's in Instrumentation Engineering option in Industrial Instrumentation, alternatively. I was still in training when the recruitment team contacted me for a permanent contract. I particularly appreciated the trustworthiness that FORTIL showed me when I was just finishing my studies, and this trusting relationship continues even today.


Every day brings me a wealth of new knowledge, whether related to the business of automation or related to project management. As part of my job as an automation specialist, I have to move regularly. From maintenance to commissioning, the responsibilities assigned to me vary depending on the type of project.


Currently, I am working on supervision and automation projects in the field of water and sanitation. In order to do my job well, I have to be autonomous, logical, and manage my time efficiently. By now, I have matured. I see myself evolving alongside FORTIL, and I have the guidance of my manager with prospects for future career paths that are open to me.

CASTILLAN Margaux.jpg Margaux Business Manager

A graduate of Kedge Business School, I joined FORTIL in January 2017 as a Business Manager. I saw myself in the company's values : Dynamism, Reactivity, Team Spirit, Listening. In addition to our common values, I also enjoy the challenge of helping to create the Toulouse office that initially attracted me.

My position entails three responsibilities :

  • The commercial development of the "Industrial Processes" Business Unit. This unit brings together consultants from the fields of mechanics, electricity, automation, and electronics. To accomplish this, I meet with new customers, open new accounts, and create sustainable partnerships.
  • The selection and recruitment of engineers
  • The management of existing teams: monitoring and renewal of missions and professional career guidance

In my job, no two days are the same ! Today's truth is not necessarily tomorrow's. Business is always booming. Every day, I discover new jobs and projects, and I am proud to support the consultants in their careers at FORTIL. The FORTIL parties are also ideal opportunities to bring together different teams in a different context and build the bonds between us.


At FORTIL, the experience of being a Business Engineer is very much like entrepreneurship, and it's true: to do my job, you must have a desire to be autonomous in your profession, to participate in developing strategies, and to drive it. My favourite memory is surely my first project. We develop the desire to transcend our limitations, to push ourselves !


When I was younger, I was involved in a lot of sports, and I like to compare the experience of being a Business Engineer to that of the athlete: perseverance, success, and disappointment, but especially getting back in the saddle quickly to prepare and stay in the game.

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